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Advance Endoscopy

Equipped with Olympus's innovative V-Groove forceps elevator, the TJF-Q180V allows ERCP device replacement and securely locks the guidewire. Increased efficiency due to V-System and unique dual guidewire locking mechanism. Excellent maneuverability eases insertion and scope operation during ERCP. High image quality and NBI capability allow better observation of the papilla and ampullary lesions.


As part of the innovative Olympus Single Balloon Enteroscope (SBE) System, the EVIS EXERA II SIF-Q180 small intestinal videoscope enables effective enteroscopy procedures with its simple setup and clinical efficiency. With high-resolution images and remarkable maneuverability, it is particularly useful in complex cases. Despite its slim 9.2 mm distal end diameter, there is no compromise on superb imaging performance. In addition, a generous 2.8 mm diameter instrument channel can accommodate a range of therapeutic instruments.